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Everyone should be required to play a sport, in a band, join the armed forces or work in a restaurant.  What we accomplish, we accomplish as a team, and thank our hard-working staff.  Here's some awards we're received


We’re a Travel & Leisure pick for St. John by the New York Times,  who said “A Remarkable Menu for a Kitchen the Size of a Volkswagon Beetle” in their review. To which we say: "Small is Beautiful" and it sure does keep the food fresh.

We were elected into the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame in 2018, denoting 5 consecutive years of excellence.  We appreciate the over 1000 people who have taken the time to write a review and take the process very seriously.


We've been given many awards by the St. Thomas Daily News annual reader's poll over the years.  Best Lunch.  Best Brunch.  Best Burger.   Best Veggie Burger.  We have 12 "Bests" with them over the years.

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